The Work of Ahab?

December 16th, 2008 - posted by Daniel Coffin

More and more media outlets are finally picking up the story of Cape Wind’s most recent delay at the hands of US Representative James Oberstar of Minnesota.

Here is a Boston Globe editorial comparing Senator Ted Kennedy to Captain Ahab. It is reported that one of Kennedy’s aides had spoken to Oberstar about delaying the Coast Guard recommendation.

Jim Gordon, president of Cape Wind Associates, was interviewed last night on NECN’s Newsnight. In between nudging Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to take on a more active role in this controversy and re-stating his case for Cape Wind, Gordon, impressively composed for a man facing yet another delay on the now seven-year review of his energy project, suggests that this most recent delay is not really a matter of navigational safety.

Really? Do tell us more.

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