MMS Announces Release of FEIS Today

January 16th, 2009 - posted by Daniel Coffin

We were off by one day, but it’s finally here.  MMS is expected to hold a press conference this morning at 10am to comment on the Final Environmental Impact Statement to be released today, but we still can’t find the actual report anywhere on the infinite internets.

We’ll be running around all day chasing the news, trying to get our hands on the report, and gathering all the good footage we can.  The significance of the timing doesn’t change much and despite the report’s release, there’s still an outstanding study by the FAA which will likely be required to finalize any decision.  As we haven’t seen the report yet, we also don’t know the recommendations by the Coast Guard.

This does set the ball rolling for the Record of Decision, which could come as early as 30 days from now, and places all remaining pressure on the Obama administration (and the courts both federal and state who will likely be dealing with legal challenges from opponents).

We’ll see where this goes, but all we can be certain of is another action-packed day and the swirling of the mighty press.

I’ll report in later if there’s anything noteworthy.

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