Powerful forces descending on Martha’s Vineyard

August 19th, 2009 - posted by Daniel Coffin

As Hurricane Bill and the Presidential vacation bear down Martha’s Vineyard — only Obama’s arrival is certain — the island is whipping into a fury. Residents and businesses are preparing for an influx of national press and paparazzi and anticipate a big economic boost after a disappointing June. With the Washington press corps coming, reporters are looking for a narrative to hammer all week. The storyline is already starting to take shape.

Much to our delight, the Cape Wind debate, which is omnipresent in the island community, is popping up in national bylines (see National Journal), threatening to steal some of the thunder.

And the rumors are abounding that activists will be all over the island from both sides of the Cape Wind battle, hoping to catch Obama’s eyes and ears. His visit serves as an apt reminder of how important his role is in the Cape Wind debate. Since January’s favorable federal report the Cape Wind project has been stuck in limbo, awaiting a final decision from the President’s Interior Secretary on whether it can move forward. The decision is expected to come in the next month or so, but the feds have missed every other arbitrary deadline they’ve set before, so the battlers of Cape Wind are going on the offensive.

Be sure to contact us if you hear anything exciting or want to meet us on the island and get yourself on camera.

News from the film as well! The new trailer, which we premiered at Silverdocs, will be posted here and everywhere on Monday. We’ll also be updating regularly on the shenanigans over the next week, posting pictures and linking to stories, so stay tuned.

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