The PA Post – Big News: Sneak Preview of film coming August 12!

July 14th, 2010 - posted by Caitlin Rotman

On August 12, 2010, we will host a SNEAK PREVIEW of the film at the Cape Cinema in Dennis, MA. Many of the key players – both opponents and proponents – in the Cape Wind story will be in attendance, and following the screening the audience will be invited to participate in a discussion of the film and the future of energy on the Cape and beyond.



More excitingly, perhaps, is that we will have several cameras rolling at this sneak preview, as the characters in the film watch themselves in what was for them a decade-defining struggle to either construct or thwart Cape Wind. Some of the footage from the sneak preview will be included in the final scene of our film!  Yeah, the movie within the movie – pretty cool, right?

You might wonder why we are creating movie-in-a-movie. In my June 24 post, I shared how our producer Dan Coffin got a taste of life aboard a fishing boat. By interacting with stakeholders in the controversy and literally experiencing their perspective, we get an intimate and privileged perspective of all sides of the debate over Cape Wind. Ultimately, our goal is to inform the public by sharing what we have filmed, and compel citizens to develop an opinion on the matter. The best we can and hope to do is share with you, the public, and allow you to start making your own decisions – informed decisions. So, as disseminators of information regarding the Cape Wind project, we are further spinning the mill when we discuss the issues surrounding the wind farm proposal with virtually everyone we meet. If our film is in this way truly becoming part of the story, we hope that in addition to informing the public about Cape Wind, we can also help the various sides of the controversy find common ground.

The best part is going to be the grand celebration just across the lawn in the Cape Cod Museum, drinks and hor’dourves on us! And YOU ARE INVITED! If you’re interested in attending, sign up for our newsletter on our home page, and you will be automatically entered to WIN TWO TICKETS to this historical event! In addition, since we want the most engaged members of the debate to be there, we will be giving tickets away to people actively responding to our blog posts.


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