Trying to Keep up with Cape Wind?

October 20th, 2011 - posted by Daniel Coffin

One of the “stars” of our film, Sean Corcoran of NPR, has been diligently following the Cape Wind story for all of us, and I encourage you to check out his WCAI blog dedicated to Cape Wind happenings.  His most recent post rehashes some of the details of the slowly unwinding financing drama that has been hitting bylines for the last three months.

The new news is that Cape Wind Communications Director, Mark Rodgers, says that they don’t plan to break ground/water until at least next year, which makes sense considering they’ve only got two months left in 2011 and only half the power sold.  While this part of Cape Wind’s ten year drama doesn’t get much attention in Cape Spin, it’s an important story with big implications for the fledgling industry.

Did I mention that we’re going to IDFA in Amsterdam!? (we’re very excited).

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