Cape Spin! Reviews Coming In

June 20th, 2012 - posted by Daniel Coffin

Cape Spin! on Greater Boston

Cape Spin! has been featured in plenty of press, both local and national (which you can find here), but only now are we beginning to solicit reviews.  And the good news is, the reviews are good!  First up is the ever-thoughtful James Burnett with a feature on the front page of the Boston Globe’s Movie section.  Mr. Burnett hits the nail on the head, pointing to the politicians as the primary fodder in what was essentially a battle over public perception: “the film is exasperatingly funny, as it features politicians who often exhort the public to embrace ‘green’ energy projects such as wind farms — but who also happen to own homes with ocean views of Nantucket Sound”.

Next up, the venerable Peter Keough of the Boston Phoenix gave us 3 out of 4 stars, with a choice bite or two, calling the film “a dizzying look into the deceptive world of political activism”.

There’s also plenty of great press from the radio and television: be sure to check out the Greater Boston interview and the Radio Boston interview.


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