Cape Spin! Touring the World

August 16th, 2012 - posted by Daniel Coffin

As August comes to a close, we’re reflecting on our wild ride on the summer’s theatrical circuit and looking forward to a slew of engagements scheduled very far from the pristine shores of Nantucket Sound.  It is an honor that Cape Spin! is being sought by international audiences, and I hope that they will appreciate a glimpse into the “American” style of democracy.

Really, I’m hoping for a reaction akin to our military’s “shock and awe” campaigns in war, but realistically, we’ll probably get a mix of glee at the farce, filled with pangs of envy for how much impact we the people actually have on state policy in the U.S.  If there’s any lesson in Cape Spin!, it’s that people matter, and in a world rife with problems, we’re happy to be playing a role in the global dialogue.  On to the listings!

For simplicity’s sake, below is a list of the upcoming screenings (click the location for details).  Any questions or inquiries please direct to

August 17 - Poland! – at the Center for Contemporary Art (it’s a castle!)

September 4 – Australia! - we’re opening the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne.  Very cool festival, with great organizers.

September 13 – Rochester, NY! - ok, not international, but it’s a fantastic sustainable arts and culture fest called Greentopia.

September 20 – Nederlands! - this is one we’d really like to attend. Alas, the life of the indy filmmaker.

September 28 – Scotland! - at the Take One Action Film Festival.  Lots of great productions are in attendance.  Say hello to our friend Denny, formally of Frontline, PBS.

If you can’t make these, stay tuned, as there’s big news on the horizon regarding our second wind theatrical run slated for later this year.  Additionally, we’re accepting requests for all forms of non-theatrical engagements, (NGOs, corporate, etc.), so don’t hesitate to contact us.  Again:


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