Returning to Theaters in the U.S.

October 12th, 2012 - posted by Daniel Coffin


Cape Spin! Opens Theatrically at Lincoln Center;
Makes World Tour; Released to Educators

Spokespersons for the smash-hit political/energy satire Cape Spin! An American Power Struggle announced today that the film would make its New York City debut at LincolnCenter November 13 at 6:30pm as part of the prestigious “Art of the Real” series (details here).  In addition, a Cape Spin! publicist announced the film would also open theatrically in New York at Lincoln Center Cinemas in January and was now available to educators through a distributor, The Video Project.

A group of Cape Spin! marketers, ad-men and PR flacks made the announcement from a location near their studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  They went on to say that “Cape Spin! is currently on a whirlwind world tour. On August 17, the film was shown at an overflowing public square at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland. On September 4, it played to an ecstatic crowd in Melbourne, Australia at the Environmental Film Festival there [see video testimonials from Down Under]. They loved it at the Greentopia Film and Music Festival in Rochester on the 13th; it was invited back to the Netherlands for the ForumDwarsdiep in Groningen, and is now traveling all over Holland; and it played in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland as part of the Take One Action Film Festival on September 28th and October 4th.”

A spokesperson continued: “Of course we are so pleased that audiences all over the world are loving Cape Spin’s unique blend of humor, artistry and objective reportage.  We set out to make an informative, entertaining film that would allow the audience to make up their own minds about the many issues surrounding the U.S.’s first proposed off-shore windfarm.  People are thirsty for truly objective storytelling.  Luckily, most Americans and others worldwide have not yet lost the ability to think freely!!”

The spokesman paused and slowly looked around the room, perhaps for effect.  Then, in a more serious tone, he went on:  “It is a matter of extreme importance that the next generation of Americans learn the habits of critical thinking that make for effective citizenship.  That’s why we’re so pleased that the film is now available to educators at the high school, college, and post-graduate levels though our partners at the Video Project [purchase here].  If more people learned earlier in life that most news is just a series of corporate and government press releases, crafted to suit the needs of powerful interest groups, we would have a much healthier democracy. Studying Cape Spin! is a good step in the right direction.”

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