Exposed! Lincoln Center and Cape Spin Pull Bizarre Publicity Stunt!

May 16th, 2013 - posted by Daniel Coffin

Cape Spin Hoax Revealed!

By Ernest Hype, special to

Early purchasers of tickets to Cape Spin! An American Power Struggle were shocked Tuesday to receive email notifications saying that the film had been canceled due to “technical difficulties with the theater,” and that their money had been refunded!

The news of the apparent cancellation was also splashed across the Lincoln Center website.  “I was really confused and saddened,” said ticket buyer Agnes Moorehead.  “Whoever heard of the whole run of a movie, from May 17th all the way to the 23rd being canceled because of “technical difficulties?”  I was thinking something really awful must have happened, like the Health Department found bed bugs or something.”

TMZ now has exclusive information from an official close to both the theater and the film that the whole episode was an elaborate—albeit very strange—publicity stunt. “They figured it would make the film seem more valuable, more rare,” said the official, who asked to remain anonymous because of concerns he could become known as a snitch. “Kind of like playing hard to get. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what the theory behind this gag really was. But they certainly took it pretty far. I mean, returning people’s money is extreme. And really annoying, because now people have to re-enter all their credit card information using this link.”

Many Cape Spin! fans were disappointed and angry to hear that the whole episode had been a weird ploy to attract public interest in the screenings at the Munroe Amphitheater.   “I think it’s just shameful,” said film aficionado Joe Mankiewicz.  “I didn’t need to be goofed by some lame prank in order to be convinced to see the ‘sober, lighthearted, even wacky’ Cape Spin!

After stating that the Associated Press article he quoted from and dozens of other “incredible” reviews had been more than enough to make him want to see the film, Mankiewicz walked slowly away from a reporter, audibly muttering “I had already bought my tickets! What were they trying to prove? That I would want to see this film so much I’d buy them again? Well, they were right. But what was the point?”

At a hastily convened press conference a spokesman for the film reiterated the offer from world-famous chef Daniel for a free mezze plate for Cape Spin! theater goers at Boulud Sud.  The spokesman added, “we feel just terrible about this misguided attempt at humor on the part of unknown members of unnamed organizations.  Please accept this gracious donation from green energy and arts supporter Daniel Boulud in the spirit of reconciliation.”

The spokesman also mentioned that the offer on Phillip Warburg’s book Harvest the Wind still stood, and then somewhat lamely announced a link where you can now, finally, buy tickets.

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