Cape Spin! One-Page Summary (For Press)

Cape Spin! An American Power Struggle is the surreal, fascinating, tragicomic tale of the battle over America’s largest clean energy project. When energy entrepreneur Jim Gordon first proposed putting 130 wind turbines in fabled Nantucket Sound, he had no idea that a firestorm would erupt. Cape Spin! tells the incredible tale of how America’s first proposed offshore wind farm triggered a schism in this idyllic coastal region, pitting neighbor against neighbor and environmentalist against environmentalist.  Revealing the root causes of their furor, the filmmakers enjoyed unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the key players on both sides of the controversy. The tale frames the battle over Nantucket Sound as a microcosm of America’s struggle towards energy sustainability. After 10 years, $70 million and 8,000 pages of analysis the Federal Government approved the wind farm project on April 28, 2010. But the controversy continues…

Five years in the making, Cape Spin! “proves that environmental films can be seriously funny crowd pleasers and about much more than just the environment.”

Film Distribution

Cape Spin! will have its theatrical premiere in Boston at the Coolidge Corner on June 15th, National Wind Day. From there the film will screen in Washington, Provincetown, Newport, Stamford and New York City.  By the end of the summer, we will have played in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and other Eastern seaboard communities where off-shore wind is either a big issue or is becoming one.  We have interest as well from theaters around the country, including Chicago, Cleveland and San Francisco.

Prior to hitting the theatrical circuit, Cape Spin! made its international premiere at the prestigious Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) in Amsterdam in November 2011, and the film has since screened at major festivals from Woodstock to Washington, DC.  Cape Spin! has been a huge hit, and according to The Associated Press: “The finished Cape Spin! alternates between the sober, lighthearted and even wacky as it breaks down its complex subject and follows the debate and protest around the Cape.”


The Electron Project is the multi-platform outreach program designed to accompany Cape Spin!   It is the interactive story of power teaching the user the real costs of their energy use: in dollars, in health effects, in environmental degradation.  And then it provides powerful tools and incentives to change.  Business by business, school-by-school, individual by individual, the Electron Project seeks to spread the ideal of democratic, distributed, renewable power.  Partnering with NGOs, educational institutions, corporations, and even municipalities, with the Electron Project, our goal is to transform the passive process of watching a film or idly researching on the web into active engagement.

The Producers

The film is a production of The Press & the Public Project and Rebirth Productions.  The combined companies have over thirty years of experience producing award-winning films for every major broadcaster. Their films have aired on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, NOVA, Discovery, and Fox, as well as showing theatrically. Private investors, along with a consortium of foundations led by the Fledgling Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund, have financed the film.


Directors:  John Kirby, Robbie Gemmel
Directors of Photography: Daniel Coffin, Robbie Gemmel, John Kirby
Editors:  Daniel Coffin, John Kirby
Music: Bob Klein, Vickie Yang
Producers:  Daniel Coffin, Robbie Gemmel, Libby Handros, Josh Levin
Executive Producers: Libby Handros, Jim Butterworth
A Production of The Press & the Public Project, Inc. and Rebirth Productions with Gallant Films and Naked Edge Films


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