Outreach Programs and Advanced Ticketing

Cape Spin! has officially launched our theatrical run, so check the calendar for dates in your area.  And if you don’t see any, be sure to contact us at info@rebirthproductions.net or @CapeWind and we’ll get on the task!  The Cape Wind story holds implications for the renewable energy movement at large, as well as important lessons locally, so if you are active in the renewable energy movement, this film is for you.

We are currently offering advance ticket purchases at a discount to the normal ticket price for some venues.  If you or your organization is interested in using the event to advance your cause, email or twitter and we’ll get something set up.

We’ll be attending many of the screenings, so if you’d like to host a meet and greet or a pre- or post-screening meal, we’ve been talking to local vendors and can help make reservations and the like.  We’re also available to do Q & A sessions at the screenings.

Fan Offerings (contact info@rebirthproductions.net or @CapeWind):

  • Meet and greet with the filmmakers
  • Pre- or post-screening food and drinks for your guests
  • Book the filmmakers to do a Q & A at the screening
  • Sponsor the “greening” of your screening via our clean energy partners

You can also sponsor a screening in a major way, placing fact sheets on seats or setting up an information booth to get your message out.  This is a great opportunity for fundraising or just keeping your membership connected to current events.

Contact us to get any of these wheels in motion.  We’re interested to hear any ideas you have that aren’t mentioned above, and I assure you, we can be very accommodating.  We’ve been looking forward to this wide release for a long time, so please believe me when I say that we are eager to please our audience.


The Producers

“Greening” services for Boston provided by the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance

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